Are you thinking holiday? Or honeymoon? Or romantic getaway? Or eloping? Or anniversary? Or maybe you not too much into that romantic stuff but you thinking scuba diving? Or snorkelling? Or dolphin watching? Or Deep Sea fishing? If your answer is YES then what are you doing NOT booking the first ticket to Mozambique?

It sounds like a huge tease or even worse, it sounds like a huge scam. Well it’s no scam; you can have all of that and more without going on holiday overseas.

Mozambique is basically a real life catalogue of what a holiday is made of. Beaches available, food galore and plenty of water sports. Oh as if that wasn’t enough they even have an Island.
What’s on the catalogue?

It’s all going to sound too good to be true but that exactly what holidaying in Mozambique is!

Maybe you’d like to surf the sunny beaches of Alguhas or go to Santa Maria or take a dive with the dolphins and manta rays in the secluded beaches of Tofo in Ihambane.

Dolphin Watching

And just for the sightseeing you might want to entice your eyes with the exquisite whale watching in Gaza where the superb beaches of Xai Xai can be found.

The self catering resorts shouldn’t stop you from exploring some of Mozambique’s delicacies and dishes such as matapi and caril.

Or enjoy some Kray fish delicacies while you go boating. Holidaying in Mozambique is not for the faint hearted, it is for the young at heart and for the daring. You have to be able to try everything including the water sports and the hot and spicy food that is sure to have you asking ‘Oh my gosh what did I just put that in my mouth?’

Don’t be shy to put on your bikini, grab that sun block lotion and those binoculars just in case you catch yourself doing some sightseeing in Ihiha or taking a detour down to Angache. To have the complete holiday experience in Mozambique just let your hair down, besides nobody has to know because after all what happens in Mozambique stays in Mozambique.