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Is the water safe to drink?

Yes, but bottled water is sold at the bar

Is Morongulu a malaria area?

Despite recent reductions in the number of malaria cases in Mozambique, Bonito Bay is sprayed regularly to prevent mosquitos but it is advisable that proper precautions are taken.

What are the precautions that can be taken?

A visit to the travel clinic or family GP is advisable to discuss what precautions can be taken

Does Bonito Bay provide mosquito nets for all accommodation?


What currency is accepted at Bonito Bay?

The local currency, Mozambique Metical but Bonito Bay does accept payment in South African Rands. (A credit card facility is available – VISA Only)

What are the arrival check in times and departure check out times?

Arrival Check in: 14h00

Departure Check Out: 10h00

Where is the nearest shop?

The small town of Massinga is 15km away

Where is the nearest hospital?

In the town of Massinga which is 15km away from Bonito Bay

Is there a qualified first aid person at Bonito Bay?