Jet Setters Jet-Ski in Mozambique

There’s nothing better than sitting astride a jet-ski – riding towards a horizon that never grows closer as the sea wind lifts your hair and your spirits. Jet-skiing in Mozambique is a unique and thrilling experience. Not only will you leave white beaches behind as you glide along an azure sea, but you could even spot some amazing sea life. Lucky jet-skiers can spot humpback whales between June and December when they come closer to shore to shelter their calves. Several species of dolphins can be seen all year round, including spinner, bottlenose, and common dolphins. Another year round sight is the variety of large cartilaginous fish – Mozambique plays host to tiger sharks, whale sharks, and manta rays, among others. With this range of incredible animals to be seen, who wouldn’t want to hop onto the nearest jet-ski for a safari like no other?

Guests are welcome to bring their own jet-skis whether for fishing or just having fun.

Jet-skiing in Mozambique

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